7 Resume Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

Here are 7 common resume mistakes you need to stop making:

1. Overly wordy resume

Recruiters spend 6 seconds on average reviewing a resume. Keep your resume concise by using powerful action verbs and eliminating unnecessary words and sentences. One page is ideal for most roles.

2. Unorganized information

Use clear, logical sections like Work Experience, Education, Skills, and format consistently with bullets. Hiring managers should easily find the most relevant info at a glance.

3. Spelling and grammatical errors

One typo can result in your resume going straight to the reject pile. Have other people proofread and spell check your resume before submitting.

4. Lack of customization

Templates are fine but you need to tailor your resume for specific jobs by highlighting top keywords and skills for that role and company. Don’t use the same resume for every application.

5. Gaps in work history

If you took time off work or changed jobs frequently, explain gaps professionally. Leave dates off old and unrelated positions and focus on recent, relevant experience instead.

6. Irrelevant info included

Only include accomplishments, skills, education and experience directly related or somewhat transferable to the job. Irrelevant hobbies, interests or positions distract from your qualifications.

7. File format issues

Save and send your resume as a PDF to maintain formatting when opened on other devices. Don’t send resumes in Word or other unreadable formats that could hinder recruiter review.

Proofread, customize and focus your resume to showcase relevant qualifications and avoid these 7 mistakes that can cost you career opportunities. Target each resume to the specific job and company.

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