HACKS: Improve your productivity while hunting for a job

Most people don’t come from high born families that can be employed with nepotism. That is why searching for the right job is crucial. Though looking for a job might not always be the most entertaining thing in the world, here are some tips to make the process more productive.

Try these productivity hacks-

Making a plan is extremely helpful when looking for a job. By setting deadlines for yourself, you make yourself accountable. Always ensure you stick to the plan you have made as well.

Make a goal for yourself each day. If you have set aside time already, making goals  can encourage you to progress. With proper goals, you can focus on the tasks you have ahead.

Ensure you keep track of all your applications. When searching for a job, you’re very likely to be filling out applications to multiple places and given a bunch of interviews. By staying organized, you will know the points of contact and will be less  likely to mix up your jobs and interviews. Another great hack to use while searching for a job, is to use an excel file. If you prefer writing you can note it down on paper or can even find an app to keep track of your job activities.

Today you get alerts for everything whether it is a tagged picture on instagram, a tv show update or a text from your mom. When searching for a new job, always remember to subscribe to your prefered job listing notifications. By doing so, you will be able to get the necessary updates of your job or application.

Though your phone or computer can be a great way to research make sure you do not get caught up and distracted on social media. Today, you can find apps that block  certain sites or social media to help you keep out distractions

Though staying positive & productive can be tough, continue to make the best out of the time you have. All the best!

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