How To Impress Your Manager & Get Promoted

If you’ve been holding the same designation at work for a long time, surely you must find yourself wondering what’s coming between you and your promotion? Does your boss not like you? Are you doing something wrong?

You are not alone. Everyone goes through this dilemma in the span of their careers. You’ve come to the right place! Read on to discover the small changes you can make that will lead you to a promotion.

Getting ahead in your career isn’t just about making yourself look good. You need to establish a rhythm, be attentive and learn from your surroundings constantly. A few simple steps could awaken the leader in you and make your managers take notice.

Although getting promoted is a solitary task, the most important thing to remember is that more than a solo star, a team player works better for any company. Of course, it’s important to stand out but not at the expense of your team mates. In fact, the support of your co-workers will help you greatly in creating opportunities for yourself in the company.

A good leader is always a great team player. Hence, your success at work really depends on how to play the team card. It’s impossible to be successful alone. When you’re able to gather the support of your colleagues, the impact you’re making starts to get strengthened. Naturally, you begin to get noticed without having to blow your own trumpet in the workplace.

Aspire to be the ‘quiet contributor’ – those are the most likely to get promoted. It takes a certain amount of confidence to believe in yourself and do your job well without looking for instant gratification. Share your opinions only when necessary, when your voice needs to be heard for the greater good of your organization. The impact you’ll create in this manner will resound more strongly. Getting into petty arguments about unnecessary details doesn’t help in the long run.

If you want to be promoted or are looking for a raise soon, you must develop your sense of realizing an opportunity and seizing the day. Being subtle about it is key and helps you establish yourself as a team player further. Flaunting your success is a big no. Humility helps. When you outdo yourself consistently beyond your job description, you expand your chances at success and strengthen your influence in the workplace. Self-promotion is passé, your work speaks for itself.

Everyone admires a helpful colleague. When you choose to collaborate with your teammates rather than competing with them, everyone wins. It shows that you are trustworthy, confident and secure about your skills. The sign of a great leader. When your seniors see you constantly help your teammates out, you’ve already inched closer to a promotion.

Networking and hobnobbing with the right kind of people is another crucial factor in your quest to get promoted. Stay as far away as possible from office politics and petty gossip. While forging friendships is important – it isn’t advisable to let your professional relationships slip into the personal realm. Balance and mindful detachment come in handy.

Finally, always be yourself! Your personality is unique, and it automatically helps you stand out. Even on a professional level, you may let your personality shine occasionally.

Here’s wishing you good luck on getting that promotion!

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