How To Write An Effective Cover Letter

The life of a recruiter involves going through dozens of cover letters on a daily basis. What does it take for them to sit back and take notice of you? Here’s how you can break the clutter and impress your recruiter even before they’ve met you.


  1. Customize Your Letter

Every job you apply for is unique, every organization has its own preferences. Start by customizing your cover letter to specifically suit the job you’re applying for. The recruiter must recognize how you fit the bill right from the start. The basic requirement here is to make sure that you possess the necessary skill-set. Go through the job description thoroughly and make sure you have the relevant experience to fulfil the desired responsibility.


Recruiters easily spot run of the mill template formats of cover letters from a mile away. Don’t be generic. The genuineness of your application for this position must come across in your letter! Mirror the language and communication style of the company you’re applying to. The job posting as well as the company’s website will help you recognize that.

It’s easy to recognize a cover letter that’s written thoughtfully.


  1. Establish Your Purpose For Writing

Start by your introduction and clearly mention the position you’re applying for. Mention how you found out about this opening. This brings us to the most important part – the WHY!

Why do you want to apply for this position at this company?

Follow this up with the HOW! How do you think you’ll benefit the organization? Elaborate on how the company’s mission and vision align with your own personality.


  1. Your Cover Letter Shows What Your Resume Cannot

Your cover letter is not supposed to repeat what your resume states. Don’t repeat information. All the additional qualities that make you a great candidate are to be celebrated in your cover letter. Be it your soft skills or other co-curricular assets, indicate how you’re an all-round fit for this position.


  1. Pay Attention To Detail

Be specific in whatever you say. Give examples to back up your claims. If you claim to possess exceptional soft skills, give a real-life example to support it. Be your authentic self and always bear in mind the target reader and their thought process. Proofread your letter thoroughly before sending it out. If you were the recruiter reading the letter, what would you change? Make those changes while maintaining your personal voice.


  1. Be Relevant & Real

While you summarize your past achievements and educational qualifications mindfully, make sure you also provide enough examples to give meaning to the facts. Make sure your cover letter supports your resume by means of ample evidence shedding light on how relevant you are to the role and organization you’re applying to.


Finally, remember to thank the reader for taking time out to read your letter. Make sure to give them your contact details so that they may get in touch with you to take things forward.


Good Luck!

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