Planning To Work From Home? Here’s All You Need To Know

Working from home has more benefits than meet the eye. Not only does it give you more control over your time but it also helps the environment. Lesser emissions and wastage of resources. As technology encompasses all and our lives become more driven by software – hiring out-of-office employees in times of expensive office spaces and unaffordable utilities is becoming the norm.

Popular Freelance Job Titles

  1. Content Writer

If you’re good at research and writing – content writing could prove to be both an interesting and financially lucrative option to take up. You’ll be required to create blog posts for brands and individuals, write content for websites and social media magazines as well as academic publications. Make sure you build a portfolio and keep updating it – you’ll be hired and rehired basis your proof of talent i.e. portfolio. Some clients might ask you to write them a small sample in the beginning, in case you’re starting afresh

  1. Graphic Designer

If you’re a graphic artist, you may utilize one of the many websites available to showcase your talent and bid for new projects. If you’re starting afresh, you might begin by designing logos and on the basis of how you fair, move on to designing whole websites, brand identity, concept art, video games etc.

  1. Date Entry & Customer Support

Virtual Assistant is a popular remote working option these days. You’d be an online office support with key responsibilities like date entry, customer support, organizing diaries etc.

  1. Community Manager

As a community manager, you’ll be taking care of the creation, management, and growth of the various social media accounts of your clients. You will be judged basis the kind of engagement you’re able to generate for these businesses online. Ideally, your job will entail connecting businesses with their customers online

Compensation As A Remote Worker

Compensations vary greatly from job to job and client to client. A lot depends on your previous experience, your portfolio and positive testimonials from your clients. Most of these jobs pay $10/hour to beginners but if you’re good at what you do, it won’t take you much time to increase your hourly rate.

Make sure you keep asking your clients for feedback and testimonials – this will help you to get better at what you do and produce proof of talent to the next client. E.g. if you’re a blogger, content writer  – your performance will be judged by the kind of traffic your content directs towards a website and so on.

As a Freelancer, keeping a tab on the industry rates etc is also part of your job. This will keep you from working for less or overcharging your clients and losing projects. Stay disciplined in your pursuit and network well – working remotely will be a rewarding experience. All the best!

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