Pre-interview anxiety? Follow these 7 tips!

Sweaty palms, a pounding heart and churning insides… soon, your brain can’t even comprehend reading your own resume and before you realise it, your name is called and your interview is done. Anxiety is a common problem and an interview killer. Every job seeker has the right to be anxious about an impending interview. After all, with the killer competition, your livelihood could be at stake. But, your hiring manager isn’t looking for a bundle of nerves!

Here are 7 pre-interview tactics that can help you battle your anxiety:

Have a game plan:

Scope out the company building a day or two before your interview. For instance, if you’re driving, know where the parking zone is and find out where exactly do you need to be on the day of your interview. On the interview day, ensure that you give yourself enough time to reach the location. You can gain your composure by realizing that there are some factors that are entirely within your control.

Engage in conversation

To avoid feeling anxious, surround yourself with family or friends who make you feel good about yourself. A positive mood is infectious: Engage in positive conversation throughout the day so that you can be warmed up by the time you reach the interview. To articulate effectively during the interview, you can even warm up your voice.

Boost your mood

What’s better than songs to help with this? Create a playlist of songs that give you confidence and that pump you up. A good laugh can ease fear or anxiety apart from just relieving stress: so you can even watch some stand-up comedy on the way!

Fuel up

It’s true that eating a good breakfast kick-starts your brain and elevates productivity and concentration throughout the morning. To have more of a mental edge, it is advised to include some fruit or ‘brain food’ like oatmeal in your breakfast.

Get moving

A few hours before the interview, EXERCISE! This releases endorphins that can help relieve stress. It will also give you time to imagine yourself in complete control of every question that comes your way in the interview while you conquer the elliptical machine.


To visualize an achievement often has a positive impact on your performance and its outcome. The same portion of the human brain is stimulated when you visualize an action as when you actually perform an action. This is how positive imagery can help you prep for a successful interview.

Demystify the process

Did you know that the interviewer could be just as nervous as you are? There is a possibility that he or she might be understaffed and under pressure to fill a position as soon as possible. Always remember that you’ve proven to be a viable candidate- that’s why you’ve been chosen for an interview. Don’t view the hiring manager as omnipotent or as the enemy- instead, view him or her as an equal. By demystifying the process, you can help sooth your interview anxiety.

It IS possible to regain control over your nerves right before an interview, so don’t worry. Ensure that you have enough time to prepare beforehand in order to gain confidence.

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